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Analysing the Numbers


We have the experience and client success stories for over a decade. Now offering enterprise quality services to entrepreneurs, small to medium businesses, startups & supporting larger team initiatives; Cresta Consultants have a wide range of expertise and offer top quality industry standard management services.

Projects: Projects
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Regional Innovation

Often times our clients have everything they need to succeed. They just need the resources to manage & innovate. With industry standard process improvement (LEAN six sigma) and project management techniques, we helped one of the leading banks in US to implement time efficiencies for they payments network across the APAC region. Brought together a virtual team for 40+ staff spanning across different time zones & cultures to work towards project goals. This regional innovation was later used as an example of how virtual teams could work across regions and achieve company initiatives effectively.


Market Needs

We approached this project carefully, as it was an undertaking on a large scale, impacting direct business revenue. 

As one the top insurance companies in the world based in Hong Kong, the business launches new insurance products in the market every 2-3 months. Despite the teams and vendors being well oiled into the process, the company was faced with delays, last minute changes, high costs, resources and increased time to test and implement. Using standardised program management methods and cost reporting; Areas of waste in terms of time, costs and people resources were identified. Resulting in fast & cost effective product launches each time. 

Market Analysis
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Operational Success

Our client being a telecommunications enterprise in Australia had a large transformation drive to replace legacy telecommunications ticket support systems with new strategic applications built on stable and scalable platforms. 
We provided consultant services with the delivery of Business Process Report (BPR) using ITIL and SIPOC methodologies. 
Determine document Quality Standards and Version Control methods. This project lasted several months providing extensive business analysis support and facilitation to perform detailed requirement gathering and buy-in for new transformation changes from various business and technical teams . Resulting approach and documentation was later used as a standard across company’s transformation projects.


Technology Success Story

This project was a 3 year effort covering the inception of ideas to country wide implementation including user acceptance testing & post implementation support. Being the largest retail and supermarket chain of Australia our client had a need to automate their supply chain and integrate all international logistics with third parties. In consultant capacity, we provided support for taking the idea forward through the full solution development lifecycle including liaison with all third party providers, development and execution of a state of the art integration solution. This helped our client to make the next leap into automated supply chain logistics across international suppliers and customs clearance across borders.

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Supply Chain Logistics

As one of the largest transport provider in Australia, our client has a large fleet of trucks and drivers. The enterprise wanted to automate and make the warehouses more efficient for scanning goods, time tracking of goods received and transported out – to & from customer warehouses. Providing consultancy support we managed the implementation of the new Warehouse Management System across 6 warehouse sites covering the solution development from idea generation to implementation. Physical site visits, software vendor liaison and end user trainings were also part of this project.

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